About me

My name is Lauren and I’m a qualified, native English teacher. I have been helping English students from all over the world achieve their goals for over 12 years. I went to school and university in England and I have since lived and worked in England, Spain, Mexico and Italy. I’ve taught students from a wide variety of countries such as Japan, Vietnam, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Pakistan, Colombia, The Netherlands and many more.

As a language student myself, I have a great understanding of the difficulties and frustrations faced by language students as well as the pleasure, satisfaction and opportunities we can gain from learning a new language.

I also know that all students have very different needs, interests and learning styles. That’s why, at ELCAS ENGLISH every online English lesson is created individually, especially for you.


About my teaching methods

Every English lesson is designed to suit you, your needs, your interests and your learning styles.

I work hard to ensure that my students feel relaxed and confident during lessons and laughter is encouraged.

I’ll give you the confidence to speak English as much as possible.

I use a wide variety of interesting and engaging materials for every course.

You will be provided with extra study materials and resources as well as lots of tips and advice about how to best to improve your English.

I always welcome feedback from students in order to better provide exactly what you need.

You’ll learn that making mistakes during your lessons is not a bad thing. Having common mistakes, bad habits and incorrect pronunciation corrected, is an excellent way to improve your English and to reach fluency.

Every student with elcas english will have their own online notepad to use in every lesson*  (click here to see an example). The notepad is very easy to use. Both student and teacher can write on the notepad before, during and after the lessons and all changes are saved automatically.

*Online notepads work best with PCs and laptops. For lessons with tablets or smartphones, the teacher’s corrections and comments are sent via Skype message then added to the notepad after the lesson.


Enjoyable and inspiring English lessons = effective learning.

Contact ELCAS ENGLISH and start improving your English today.