Conversation Courses

Do you want to improve your English speaking and listening skills?

Are you stuck at an intermediate level of English?

Are you trying to reach fluency in English?

  • ELCAS ENGLISH conversation courses use engaging topics and materials, combined with effective pronunciation and grammar correction that will help you build your confidence, accuracy and fluency in English.
  • ELCAS ENGLISH conversation lessons will teach you English that is used in real life, not the language used in textbooks. 
  • All ELCAS ENGLISH conversation courses are designed according to your needs and your interests and all students are given the maximum opportunity to practice speaking.

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Really interesting conversations with the perfect amount of grammar and pronunciation practice to keep improving my English. A wonderful teacher. Highly recommended!

Lucia, Barcelona, Spain

I laugh a lot and learn a lot at the same time in my English lessons. I have been a student with elcas English for more than two years and have enjoyed every lesson. Lauren is a great teacher.

Anne Marie, Lyon, France

The best English teacher ever!

Victoria, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Lauren is always very patient and helpful. She obviously loves her job. Conversation subjects are unusual and interesting and her teaching methods are very effective. The online notepad with extra study materials and homework are also very useful.

Samantha, Modica, Italy